Clear Communication About Each Child's Learning

As the Bryant School District continues to implement new, more rigorous curriculum for what every child should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade level, we understand the importance of communicating changes to parents. Like teachers, parents need accurate and meaningful information about student strengths, challenges and performance to better understand and support student learning. We are excited to share some of the changes that will positively affect student performance and parent communication.

If your child attended Bryant in kindergarten-second grade, you have already seen the benefits of standards-based reporting. In the 2014-15 school year, third grade will join these grades in using standards based reporting, followed by fourth grade in 2015-16 and fifth grade in 2016-17.

Why are Bryant Schools using Standards Based Report Cards?

We are accountable at every level to prepare students to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before. Every teacher is responsible for working to help every child perform at grade level. By identifying specific standards and the student’s mastery of that standard, teachers know better where to focus to improve individual student performance. A traditional grade of “A, B, & C” neither provides the insight to a skill that has not been mastered, nor does it truly indicate what a student has mastered.

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